The plight of the Afghans

How you can help Afghanistan 

Recently we have seen a number of post about the atrocities in Afghanistan and the plight of the Afghani people.

So we ask you a simple question, what have you done about it?

Apart from posting on social media, what has been the action you have taken that may help. We try and assist you with a simple and straightforward letter. If you genuinely want action, this is a simple way to do your bit.

The letter can be downloaded from this link.

All you need to do is add the details of your Local Minister, or skip that and go to the top. Edit, share, change, do whatever you feel. Just make it happen.

Here is the substance:

Dear Prime Minister Morrison, Alex Hawke MP and (insert name local member)


I am a concerned Australian named (insert name). I write this letter to you as we need to take URGENT actions to address the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan right now.

As you are aware, the Taliban has a record of ignoring basic human rights (particularly right to education). Vulnerable populations, such as women and children, desperately need the assistance from the people of Australia and the Australian Government.

Refugee intake and immediate actions

It is distressing to see that Australia has only offered up to 3,000 spots for Afghan refugees, despite the fact that Afghanistan has been consistently offering their assistance to Australian troops.

As the leader of this country, please take the lead by increasing the refugee intake for Afghanistani substantially and immediately.  The media has ignored the situation for too long. We should take this opportunity to address the ongoing humanitarian crisis in the Middle East and repay a favour that we have long owed to the people of Afghanistan.

We even ask you to delay any troop evacuation as long as possible. Money is not an excuse when the Australian Government has already invested a large lump sum in the operation in Afghanistan.


We need immediate actions to increase the number now and call on other countries for a collaborative action. Please offer concrete and direct help to the refugees, and no more playing around with political gimmicks. We won’t accept NO for an answer.

Kind regards,

(Insert your name)



19 August 2021