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If living or working in Australia is your dream, selecting the right immigration lawyer is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Samir Banga and his expert team have been successfully assisting clients in navigating the different paths of immigration to Australia for over a decade.

Our team of immigration lawyers provide expert, straight talking advice and will assist you with all your immigration needs, honestly, professionally and transparently. At Banga Legal we pride ourselves on taking a ‘hands on’ and collaborative approach with all immigration law clients. As part of our honest and trustworthy ethos, we only accept cases we believe have legal merit and can genuinely be won.

Our immigration lawyers will support you throughout every stage of your visa or immigration case. We are committed to providing the most professional and studious advice in order to help you achieve your desired outcome. We provide our expertise in the most efficient, understanding and cost effective way possible.

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The team at Banga Legal aim to wholly support our clients in their immigration journey with accurate, honest and credible advice. Appointing an immigration lawyer is your very best chance to fulfil your dreams of living or working in Australia.

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Immigration law appeals

Why should you see the lawyers at Banga Legal over an immigration agent?

Let us explain, we are lawyers, we specialise in immigration law and we are the experts. We get it right the first time, ensuring that your visa gets through.

In the event of unforeseen setbacks, we are also the best lawyers in the appellate jurisdictions. We will help you file your appeal, through to taking your matter to the Federal Court or Federal Circuit Court. We emphasis the right grounds, in order to ensure a successful appeal and the granting of your visa. Remember, don’t allow anyone to play with your life!

Appeals are a costly process, we at Banga Legal aim to reduce your fees as best as we can, however, there is nothing better than getting it right the first time. We highly recommend you seek the services of a lawyer and not a migration agent to handle your delicate matter.

If you do require appeal assistance, we are here to assist you. We can guide you through the process of finalising the grounds of your appeal and lodging the best application you can put forward. See the experts at Banga Legal.

Banga Legal can assist you with the following immigration law matters:

  • Obtaining either temporary or permanent residency
  • Extension of visas
  • Citizenship
  • Work visas
  • Skilled visas
  • Bringing family members including spouses, children and extended family to Australia
  • Sponsorship of overseas employees to work in Australia
  • Appeal of refused visas including understanding why an initial application has been denied or visa cancelled
  • Complex immigration issues which may include criminal activity
why hire us ?

Australian Immigration Law is complex and ever evolving.  In our opinion, Immigration Law is the fastest changing area of law in Australia. With its rules, regulations and legislation changing rapidly and almost weekly, it is understandably hard for those without this knowledge to navigate them successfully.

Did you know that the area of immigration law changes more than Criminal and Family law?

The team at Banga Legal aim to support our clients through their immigration journey, with accurate, honest and credible advice. Appointing an immigration lawyer is your very best chance to fulfil your dreams of living or working in Australia.

Our Expertise will get you results

  • Highly qualified immigration law experts
  • Professional & efficient service
  • Individual, understanding and personal attention
  • A dedicated single point of contact for the duration of your case
  • Cost-effective legal solutions
  • Complete confidentiality
  • You engage real lawyers, not agents

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Whatever the situation you are facing, getting accurate, trusted and professional legal advice quickly is important. Our team can provide you with fast, expert and non-judgemental counsel seven days a week.


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Employment Law

Employment Law

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Criminal Law

Criminal Law

Our team are able to provide you with non-judgemental, expert and experienced legal advice to ensure that your situation achieves the best possible outcome.

Immigration Law

Immigration Law

Our team of expert lawyers provide expert, straight-talking advice and will assist you with all your immigration needs, honestly, professionally and maintaining transparency.

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Litigation Law

Litigation Law

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Other Services

Other Services

Do you require other legal advice or representation such as civil law, contract law or any other matter, we can assist you via our network of skilled, professional affiliates.

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