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Banga Legal specialise in all matters of criminal law. Our team of Criminal Lawyers are able to provide you with non-judgemental, expert and experienced legal advice to ensure that your situation achieves the best possible outcome. When facing criminal investigation or charges, it is vital that your case is managed effectively from the beginning.

The team of specialist criminal defence lawyers bring a wealth of experience and extensive knowledge of processes, procedures and legal technicalities. We have represented clients on countless criminal law matters, at all levels of seriousness and in all New South Wales court jurisdictions.

Trust the Banga Legal team to manage your case with confidence, understanding and expertise to achieve the best result for you.

A Sydney Criminal Lawyer who will fight for you. 

As one of Sydney’s leading and most reputable criminal law firms, we proudly uphold professionalism and provide our clients with earnest, sound advice. Enjoy the confidence of knowing that your legal team of criminal lawyers will stand by you, fighting your charges to achieve the most positive outcome.

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Clients are represented by our lawyers in Sydney and Melbourne courts. Trials, sentencing, parole applications, arrested violence orders, and criminal and driver licence appeals are all cases in which we appear. For some matters we offer fixed fees.  Our lawyers have a lot of expertise, and we make sure that our clients are well-informed, trained, and ready to go to court.

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Criminal Lawyers on your side

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Whether you are going to court for:

Drug Possession

Drug offences can be in relation to the supply and possession of various prohibited substances. The penalties for drug-related offences are serious and severe.

Facing a complex trial for commercial drug importation or supply

It is an offence to import or export commercial quantity of border-controlled drugs/plants in and out of Australia. 

Common assault

Section 61 Crimes Act 1900. An assault is any unauthorised touching or any action that causes another person to fear immediate and unlawful personal violence. In most cases, Police have to prove that the action has caused another person fear or physical contact was made.

Sexual assault

Assaults in any sexual forms like Rape, Indecent assault or acts of Indecency. If proven, the penalties of the charges are very serious. 

Drink driving

Being charged with Drink Driving is a stressful experience, especially if you rely heavily on your driver’s licence. The charges can include:


  • Low Range Drink Driving 
  • Mid Range Drink Driving 
  • High Range Drink Driving 
  • Special Range Drink Driving

Large scale fraud

We deal with matters described as fraud, including obtaining financial advantage by deception, forgery, accounting, credit card fraud, insurance/Medicare/Centrelink fraud, WorkCover fraud or property fraud. The law considers fraud as a dishonesty offence.

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Whatever the situation you are facing, getting accurate, trusted and professional legal advice quickly is important. Our team can provide you with fast, expert and non-judgemental counsel seven days a week.

Practice Areas

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Employment Law

Employment Law

The team at Banga Legal are dedicated to provide you with legal assistance so you can be protected from mistreatment, discrimination and unfair dismissals at the hands of your employer.

Criminal Law

Criminal Law

Our team are able to provide you with non-judgemental, expert and experienced legal advice to ensure that your situation achieves the best possible outcome.

Immigration Law

Immigration Law

Our team of expert lawyers provide expert, straight-talking advice and will assist you with all your immigration needs, honestly, professionally and maintaining transparency.

Commercial Law

Commercial Law

Commercial law focuses on laws and regulations that govern trade and commerce sales within a business and the individuals who participate within that specific business.

Traffic Law

Traffic Law

Driving charges can have serious implications, much further than hefty fines or loss of licence. Not being able to drive can impact your social, professional and family life.

Family Law

Family Law

With expert knowledge and genuine compassion, our team are able to guide you through this difficult process to ensure you make the best decision for yourself and your family.

Other Services

Other Services

Do you require other legal advice or representation such as civil law, contract law or any other matter, we can assist you via our network of skilled, professional affiliates.

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Our team can provide you with fast, expert and non-judgemental counsel seven days a week.

We are proud to deliver high quality legal advice professionally, efficiently, and cost-effectively. Our direct approach means we can offer you practical, easy to understand legal advice ensuring confidence and peace of mind on both large and small matters.

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