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We hear that you want to join Banga Legal's Team?

We hear that you want to join Banga Legal’s Team?

We are looking for the next generation of lawyers. We are an inclusive law firm practising in various areas of the law. Our team comes from diverse backgrounds and many a language is spoken in Banga Legal.

So the question is what are we looking for?

We are looking for passionate, strong, ethical and astute individuals. You need to be able to work as part of a team, however, also individually. Let us be clear, we do not require a high distinction average from university. We require a skill set that goes much beyond the academic only. The best lawyers are practical, they know how to pick up the pieces and can work under pressure. A lawyer’s job is dynamic, it is not merely about writing advice, going to court, or even just counselling.

A lawyer in the modern age takes on many responsibilities and obligations, one only needs to look to the solicitors rules. However, this same person can make a difference and in the right atmosphere will do so.

Think you have what it takes?

Banga Legal are looking for both casual and full-time solicitors. If you have the passion and the drive, come and talk to us.

We are always open to the next generation, remember one tip of the day that other firms won’t tell you: “Your network is your strongest asset, this applies to many fields, but definitely the legal spectrum”.

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Banga Legal

In choosing Banga Legal, be assured that our team is there for you. We speak your language, we listen to you and most importantly, we make it happen!

Proud to be different

We are proud to be different. That’s what makes Banga Legal the very best legal advisors for your matter. We don’t celebrate old school ‘pomp’ or excessive layers of admin and corporate structure. We celebrate great outcomes, high level customer service and happy clients. That’s what is important to us.

Proud to be small

Proudly small and with the benefits of an agile lean firm, Banga Legal is big enough to deliver. Our team is constantly expanding and we are on the look out for the next real world court advocate.

Proud to be collaborative

We work alongside a number of affiliates who collectively enable us to deliver the very best and most affordable services for your unique requirements. Our affiliates are both legal and non-legal. They come from different industries, different walks of life and help us deliver on that renowned standard of service.

How we work

Four Steps To Your Success

Banga Legal provides you the confidence of knowing that your guidance comes from the very best lawyer. 


Speak To Us

Chat to us about how we can assist with your legal dilemmas. We pick up where the others cannot.


We will discuss your desired outcome and formulate the best way in helping acheieve the set goals.




This is where we will put the strategy in motion. Act on the formula and drive your matter to success, using both litigation and out of court alternatives were applicable.


When you walk away knowing that you obtained the best possible outcome for your case.