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From Samir Banga - Director and Executive solicitor

Over the span of my career, I have handled a number of high profile matters in various courts around Australia. I conduct my own hearings and sentences based on your interests. I have also instructed counsel in complex matters, both Junior Counsel (JC) and Senior Counsel (SC). This experience and expertise means you receive expert legal advice and a court room advocate that is able to express your views directly in court. This experience also guides the advice given to you as our client, simply put, real world expertise and experience. We know this sets us apart from other law firms offering similar services. At Banga Legal we have established offices in both Sydney and Melbourne, however, our modern technological approach means greater reach and the ability for our firm to cover interstate matters.

Our transparent approach to fees, further assures you peace of mind. We provide real world estimates of costs. We are upfront, in not only achieving the desired legal outcomes, but providing the most clear, affordable and value-based approach to finalising your matter.

We believe that all our clients should feel supported – our team are committed to being your expert partner through whatever lies ahead. We strive to understand your needs and are committed to delivering results. We look forward to working with you.


Founder of Banga Legal, Samir leads the team with a vision of being a truly 21st century firm. Samir’s experience is unparalleled, he has worked in both, big and small firms over the span of his career. Prior to starting Banga Legal, Samir has been at the head of various firms, holding the title of Special Counsel, which is also known as Partner, meaning real experience.

Samir prides himself on being a trusted, relatable and expert advisor to clients from all walks of life. Flexible and professional, Samir is able to adapt quickly to every clients’ individual situation, managing ongoing changes with knowledgeable and strategic efficiency. His ability to make people feel at ease combined with his calm, capable approach means clients always feel informed and in control.

Samir specialises in both Criminal and Family Law which affords him a unique insight into the overwhelming overlap between the two jurisdictions.  Samir also leads in many complex litigation matters, including building construction

As Director of Sydney and Melbourne based ‘Banga Legal’, Samir draws upon his years of industry experience and previous high-profile cases and applies this to his practice in a down to earth and straight-talking manner. With a client-centric approach to all aspects of law, Samir is passionate about achieving the best result possible.

Samir is a proud member of the Law Society of NSW and the Law Institute of Victoria. His experience crosses borders and is not limited to any geographic region.

At Banga Legal, we are instructed in various jurisdictions and act in a number of States around Australia. This is the experience and skill you need. In the last 2 months alone, our firm has appeared in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland in Criminal Law. 

Our Team


Kristen holds a Bachelor of Economics and Bachelor of Laws (Hons) from the University of Sydney, and a Master of Business Administration from the Australian Gradual School of Management.

Prior to joining Banga Legal, Kristen gained more than 20 years of commercial and legal experience working in a range of industries. Kristen’s diverse experience includes investment management, financial planning, insurance, hospitality, fitness and construction. She has also served in a pro-bono capacity as President of the Board of a Not for Profit women’s health organisation.

We all have our reason for entering the legal field, Kristen first became interested in helping others with their legal problems after being drawn into unpleasant and destructive family court proceedings herself several years ago.

Kristen works predominantly in Family Law and Commercial Law.

Jessica TownsenD – SOlicitor

Jessica is a solicitor with Banga Legal. She has completed her LL.B and GDLP. Jessica has been admitted to the Supreme Court of NSW, soon to be admitted to the High Court of Australia and is currently completing a masters degree LL.M, specialising in family law. Jessica completed her legal training in criminal law and retains a strong desire to assist clients in getting the best result possible.

Through her own personal experience, Jessica also understands that family law in the modern world is becoming more complex than ever and that gaining as much knowledge as possible is how she can help support families though such a difficult time.

Jessica aims to one day be admitted to the bar and as a barrister, speak for those who cannot yet find their voice.

Hirani Nair – Solicitor

Hirani is a committed and ambitious solicitor with a passion for advocating on behalf of clients. Graduating with a double degree in Law and Criminology at La Trobe, Hirani brings a fresh perspective into the legal field that offers a unique approach to problem solving and client representation. 

Outside of work, Hirani is an active member of the Law Institute of Victoria and dedicated to continuous growth and development, attending seminars and staying informed of the latest legal developments in her areas of interest.

Hirani’s life experiences brings a unique point of view to each case, blending legal expertise with a high level of understanding for her clients’ situations. After working in diverse law firms, volunteering at community centres and representing multiple clients from Legal Aid Victoria, Hirani recognises the importance of supporting clients through the Court process with equal measures of diligence, empathy, and hard work.

Gurleen Kaur – Paralegal
Gurleen is in the penultimate year of her Bachelors’ of Laws. She has a keen interest in corporate law and employment law. 
Gurleen is a quick learner who can swiftly adjust to different situations, allowing her to respond to challenges with confidence, determination and focus. This allows her to her to excel in unpredictable environments. Gurleen has a strong work ethic as well as being dedicated to Banga Legal and our clients.

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