Lockdown & Mental Health

Lockdown & mental health
Lockdown & Mental Health

We were asked to create a template to bring about real mental health awareness and lockdown change.

Mental Health awareness is not only a ‘thing, it is a real concern of everyday Australian’s who are tentatively getting through their everyday life.

Lockdown has been and continues to have intense repercussions for not only small business, but the average citizen.

Here we have devised a simple template, which should be presented to the right people, in your own words. 

Remember, personalisation is the key in this regard. This is what we need in order to get the message across, further, you may have your own points which you want to add to the story.

New South Wales 

Find you Local Member of Parliament 

All members of NSW Parliament can be found here.

Click the link above to take you to a search function for your local member of Parliament. 

The Premier of NSW can also be contacted by clicking this link and submitting this form.


The Members of Parliament in Victoria can be found here.

DOWNLOAD the letter here

The letter can be downloaded by clicking the link above, or it can also be copied and pasted directly from this page into your favourite medium.

By email: [email protected] & [email protected] & Local MP


Dear (insert name local member) & Gladys Berejiklian MP

Mental Health and Lockdown



My name is (insert name). I am concerned about what is happening in Australia widely, however, right now I am incredibly concerned about the state of affairs in Victoria/NSW/Queensland (delete whichever one that does not apply). I write this correspondence to urge you to revaluate and end lockdown immediately.


Mental Health

I feel that as a country we are ignoring the mental health status of our citizens and also other residents of Australia. Lockdown has led to a dramatic increase in conditions associated with negative mental health in every lockdown, however, at this current time, the conditions are worse than over. We offer an example of Lifeline, who were inundated with calls and hit an all time high when lockdown was extended.

The statistics are damming, there are people from all walks of life who are feeling the rigours of everyday life, whether this be the local small business, the single parent, family unit or bachelor/bachelorette. 

The worst part about the way mental health is being dealt with in Australia, is difficulty of being able to find statistics and a genuine picture of the damage that has been caused by lockdown. in this case, it is important to note, the damage is linked to lockdown, not to Covid-19 itself. as some commentators have suggested, has the apparent cure for Covid-19 created more harm than good. Or in legal terms, has the prejudice that has been caused by lockdown outweighed the probative value? The answer in our opinion is an astounding yes.


Information portrayed by the government

To add fuel to the fire, there seems to be a phenomenon of changing goal posts. In other terms, there is no end in sight because the objective is consistently taken out of reach.

What is pretty clear and should no longer be hidden is that, 0 cases is an impractical target that we cannot meet. This is regardless of the variant, we should evaluate other forms of containing the virus, if required (optional, leave it in or take it out and change substance if you want).

Optional paragraph – a further concern is Australia’s position as a global player in the world we live in. We have countries laughing at the way we are handling the economy and our residents, which to us is not fair, ethical or just.

The government should be fully transparent with:

    1. What the objective is;
    2. The means to get to the objective;
    3. What advice the government is relying on in making these mandates;


My story

Please insert your experience with lockdown. Include the experience with/of your family, local businesses, any impact lockdown has had on your life, what you want the government to do etc.

You can include other details you feel are relevant to the matter at hand.


The future

I am extremely concerned about the future, this includes the future of Australia, my mental health and family’s mental health.

I want to know what the government is going to do to assist Australians of all demographics in the future, both near and distant. Please outline (add to the list if you please):

    1. Does the government have a plan?
    2. How you plan to deal with the decline in general mental health?
    3. What assistance the government is going to offer Medical Professionals to cope with the increased demand for mental health services?
    4. How is the government going to assist businesses that are close to the shutting their doors?
    5. Is there any way to assist persons who have declared bankruptcy in the last year?
    6. Are there potential increases on the grants that were meant to be given to business?
    7. Are small businesses entitled for further grants in comparison to large business?
    8. Has the government looked into the impact of prolonged lockdown?
    9. Will you release the research the government has undertaken or endorsed in respect to mental health in lockdown?
    10. (add more)



We want an immediate end to lockdown and a disruption of our liberties. We won’t accept NO for an answer.


There needs to be a limit to lockdown (add reasons)

If you are genuinely concerned about the position of your electorate, state and surroundings, you need to action this now.


Kind regards,

(Insert your name)

XX August 2021

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