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We strive to resolve issues for our customers as quickly as possible using the vast knowledge of our litigation experts.

If at all possible, the litigation attorneys on our team work to successfully resolve issues out of court. We achieve this by putting conflict management techniques like private negotiation and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) into practise. These tactics are designed to help you accomplish your goals by compensating you for your loss while taking the business reality of your claim into account.

For the majority of clients, settling on a decision you can live with makes more sense and is more practical, whilst for others, court-based litigation may be necessary. When litigation is necessary, our team is equipped to advocate for you in court and vigorously pursue your claim.

Various court procedures will provide you the chance to mediate your conflict. It is crucial to have a dispute resolution attorney who has experience negotiating settlements. ADR techniques like mediation and conciliation help shorten and cost-cut disputes.

If your case goes to trial, our litigators are skilled at putting together well-organised cases with the right materials. To offer their expertise, we have access to a number of barristers who are chosen based on their experience.

Other conflicts can call for expert testimony to support your arguments. We make sure that your topic is given due study and case management in order to portray it in the best light possible.


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Employment Law

Employment Law

The team at Banga Legal are dedicated to provide you with legal assistance so you can be protected from mistreatment, discrimination and unfair dismissals at the hands of your employer.

Criminal Law

Criminal Law

Our team are able to provide you with non-judgemental, expert and experienced legal advice to ensure that your situation achieves the best possible outcome.

Immigration Law

Immigration Law

Our team of expert lawyers provide expert, straight-talking advice and will assist you with all your immigration needs, honestly, professionally and maintaining transparency.

Commercial Law

Commercial Law

Commercial law focuses on laws and regulations that govern trade and commerce sales within a business and the individuals who participate within that specific business.

Traffic Law

Traffic Law

Driving charges can have serious implications, much further than hefty fines or loss of licence. Not being able to drive can impact your social, professional and family life.

Family Law

Family Law

With expert knowledge and genuine compassion, our team are able to guide you through this difficult process to ensure you make the best decision for yourself and your family.

Sports Law

Sports Law

The many different sorts of law that have an effect on the sports industry are all included in sports law. Athletes at any level can be affected by sports legislation.

Construction Law

Construction Law

A subset of law known as construction law handles issues involving building construction, engineering, and allied disciplines. In essence, it is a synthesis of tort, employment, planning, commercial, and contract law.

Litigation Law

Litigation Law

Litigation and dispute resolution covers all areas of law but focusses on dispute resolution and court proceedings.

Other Services

Other Services

Do you require other legal advice or representation such as civil law, contract law or any other matter, we can assist you via our network of skilled, professional affiliates.

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