Banga Law & Legal Aid

As part of our community driven approach Banga Legal undertake work via the Legal Aid program. This NSW Government Organisation provides funding for youth offenders (under 18 years) and others who fall within a specified threshold so that they can access quality representation that they would otherwise go without.

At Banga Law we represent a limited number of Legal Aid cases each year. This can be for Local Court hearings and sentences, District Court trials, District Court Sentences, Supreme Court Bail and Supreme Court trials.

Whilst Legal Aid provides funding for a variety of matters, at Banga Legal we only represent criminal matters for Legal Aid.

If you require legal representation and believe you qualify for Legal Aid please contact us to see if your case is appropriate to our scope of work and if we are able to obtain Legal Aid on your behalf.

How does Legal Aid work?

Private lawyers, like Banga Legal, receive funding from Legal Aid to represent their clients. In short, this means Legal Aid is paying the costs of someone who would otherwise be unlikely to have representation for financial or other reasons.

How do you qualify for Legal Aid?

There is a specific process to access Legal Aid. The following factors are part of your assessment: 

  • What you want legal assistance for 
  • Whether it is reasonable in all the circumstances to grant legal aid (called Merit Test)
  • What you earn and what you own (called a Means test)

Means Testing includes: 

  • What money you earn from work or receive from Centrelink or other sources 
  • If you own a car, home or anything else of value (assets)
  • Whether you financially support anyone else or whether they support you

Legal Aid Means Test

There is a Legal Aid Means Test Indicator online which can be accessed here. Please use this tool to see whether you are applicable. For more information on Legal Aid you can also see their website including How to Apply for Legal Aid.

Legal Aid assistance?

We can assist you now.

Need an expert Sydney or Melbourne lawyer right now? If you need urgent legal advice in Sydney and Melbourne, Banga Legal is here to assist you. Whatever the situation you are facing, getting accurate, trusted and professional legal advice quickly is important. Our team can provide you with fast, expert and non-judgemental counsel seven days a week.
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