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Sydney family lawyers, Banga Legal understand the stress which separation and divorce bring into you and your family’s life. With expert knowledge and genuine compassion our team are able to guide you through this difficult process to make the best decisions for you and your family.

It is an unfortunate reality that 43 per cent of Australian marriages end in breakdown. The team at Banga Legal have a proven track record in helping our clients to resolve their family law issues to their satisfaction. We firmly believe in extracting you from your former partnership with as much dignity, civility and efficiency as possible whilst ensuring you receive or protect everything you are entitled to.

We deal with family law matters that consist of trusts, commercial setup and complexity that other solicitors can’t.  

Defacto Law also forms a part of our family law division. It is not always clear if your relationship is classified as a Defacto relationship. This is what makes it important to seek the right legal advice and clarification. Defacto breakups are similar to marriage breakups which mean a property settlement is in your reach. 

Family law encompasses property matters, children/parenting matters and more. We deal with family law matters that consist of trusts, commercial setup and complexity that other solicitors can’t.  

Of importance is our criminal law expertise, this is because we understand the overlap between the family law jurisdiction and the criminal law jurisdiction. This can seem like an overwhelming minefield, this is Banga Legal comes in.

Experienced Sydney family lawyers

At Banga Legal we deal with separation and divorce every day. This experience means we, understand the process. The trauma that can be associated and the uncertain time ahead. It is common for you and your former partner to be in conflict. The ending of a relationship can serve tough times, as well as at different emotional stages of this process which can make resolution even more challenging. Our approach to family law combines great empathy for your experience, with the understanding that expert legal advice is the best beginning to your future as a single person. Allow us to guide you efficiently and caringly through this time whilst ensuring that the process is as seamless as possible and the result is everything you are legally entitled to.

Banga Legal, your Sydney family law experts, are experienced in: 

  • Divorce applications 
  • Custody and arrangements for children
  • De facto relationships 
  • Family violence restraining orders 
  • Property matters and division of assets 
  • Binding financial agreements 
  • Same sex relationships 

Fair and competitive fees

Your expert Sydney family law team

Our team will help you with all the questions you will have and are able to advise and represent you through this process to help you understand:

Banga Legal, your Sydney family law experts, are experienced in: 

  • What you are legally entitled to?
  • How to manage your separation and apply for divorce 
  • What will happen to children and custody? 
  • What are your rights 
  • What is a no-fault divorce?
  • What happens if you have been married less than two years?
  • How will your assets be divided and the factors that impact this?

Choosing the best Sydney family lawyer can make all the difference

Whilst this is a difficult period emotionally, the team at Banga Legal are committed to achieving you the very best outcome for your situation. We know firsthand the many benefits and strong advantage of clients that have been thoroughly and expertly advised in their family law matters.
Appointing Sydney family lawyer, Banga Legal will give you the peace of mind that you are receiving the very best guidance and representation in your family law matter. 
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Fair and competitive fees

Our big firm experience, boutique firm approach means you’ll never just be a number with Banga Legal. As well as providing an exceptional service level, we are proud to offer fair, transparent and competitive criminal legal fees. From the first consult, Banga Legal will provide you with an estimate of your fees and ultimately provide you with a fee model that suits your case and needs.

Fixed and Capped Fees:

Banga Legal can offer you a fixed and capped fee solution, meaning you’re always in control of your costs from beginning to end. 

Bespoke Package:

Banga Legal also offers a bespoke legal fee package. This means you have the ultimate control over the legal service you desire. This fee structure particularly suits your complex and complicated matters. It inherently means that you will not miss out on any opportunity and will be guided through his process by the best in the business.

Sydney family lawyers experienced in multicultural divorce.

For those needing language support we are able to manage your Sydney traffic law matter in Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu and Greek. For more information on Sydney family law please do not hesitate to contact us.

Need a Sydney traffic lawyer in a hurry?

Banga Legal offer a 24-hour emergency service for urgent legal matters. If you would like to consult a Sydney traffic lawyer before speaking to the police or have an urgent bail application, our expert and experienced team can be there at short notice to represent your interests. Call XXX for after-hours Sydney traffic law assistance.
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