Why choose Banga Legal?

Proud to be different

We are proud to be different. That’s what makes Banga Legal the very best legal advisors for your matter. We don’t celebrate old school ‘pomp’ or excessive layers of admin and corporate structure. We celebrate great outcomes, high level customer service and happy clients. That’s what is important to us.

Proud to be small

Proudly small and with the benefits of an agile, lean firm, Banga Legal is big enough to deliver. Our team is constantly expanding and we are on the look out for the next real world court advocate.

Proud to be collaborative

We work alongside a number of affiliates who collectively enable us to deliver the very best and most affordable services for your unique requirements. Our affiliates are both legal and non-legal. They come from different industries, different walks of life and help us deliver on that renowned standard of service.

In choosing Banga Legal be assured that our team is there for you. We speak your language. We listen to you. And, most importantly, we make it happen.

Banga Legal is committed to you

We believe in straight talk and delivering on what we say we can achieve. It is through the consistent application of both our values and business model, from which we have earned a reputation as one of Sydney’s most trusted and well-respected law firms.

Our team, under the management of Samir Banga, have vast experience and are committed to resolving your legal matters in the manner most beneficial to your financial outcomes - and not those of our law firm!

We understand that the legal system may seem to be a complex beast. For the inexperienced this can be both stressful and overwhelming. At Banga Legal, we are here to help you. We believe that every client should be fully informed. This ensures you understand your options and together we can achieve the best possible outcomes. Being supported by a team that are committed to you throughout the entire legal process empowers you. It means you feel knowledgeable, respected and can make the best decisions for yourself and your family.

We are committed to handle all our client’s matters and deliver the highest quality service every, single time. Only taking on a limited number of clients at any time guarantees we do not take on clients that we cannot service to the highest standard.

Our big firm experience, boutique firm approach means all clients can feel confident they will be treated respectfully and consistently throughout the entire process.

The core values of Banga Legal are built on transparency, professionalism, integrity and respect. Our operating model is client based, most simply, we are driven to understand your legal problem, discuss solutions and implement a result-driven plan. 

Your matter is handled by a senior, experienced solicitor. Our team has experience in what we call real court advocacy. This means, we have appeared in court, Local, District, Supreme  and higher. We conduct hearings and sentences, this means we can deliver advice relevant to your situation. Not merely, speculation.

Transparency, professionalism, integrity and respect

From Samir Banga

Over the span of my career, I have handled a number of high profile matters in various courts around Sydney NSW and Australia. I conduct my own hearings and sentences based on the your interests. I has also instructed counsel in complex matters, both Junior Counsel (JC) and Senior Counsel (SC). This again means you receive expert legal advice and a court room advocate that is able to express your views directly in court. This guides the advice given to you as our client in conference. We know this sets us apart from other law firms offering similar services.

Our transparent approach to fees, further assures you peace of mind. We provide real world estimates of costs. We are upfront, in not only achieving the desired legal outcomes, but providing the most clear, affordable and value-based approach to finalising your matter.

We believe that all our clients should feel supported – our team are committed to being your expert partner through whatever lies ahead. We strive to understand your needs and are committed to delivering results. We look forward to working with you.

Urgent Legal Advice?

We can assist you now.

Need an expert Sydney or Melbourne lawyer right now? If you need urgent legal advice in Sydney and Melbourne, Banga Legal is here to assist you. Whatever the situation you are facing, getting accurate, trusted and professional legal advice quickly is important. Our team can provide you with fast, expert and non-judgemental counsel seven days a week.
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